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The Business Success Multiplier Program
The Business Success Multiplier Program is the cornerstone of the work we do with small to medium sized business owners.
The program itself has been developed and honed over the past twelve years, based on the actual experience gained in working, one on one, with over a hundred business owners, in various types of industries and sectors.
The program is designed to ensure you achieve tangible, bottom line results while building your capabilities to continue to grow your business.
Program Highlights
  • In this one year program, you will have the opportunity to work, one on one, with a business development expert, who will identify the key systems and challenges hindering your business today.
  • You will work along side the business development expert to develop key plans and strategies, that in implementing will make the greatest shift in the business.
  • The business development expert, will help to ensure you stay focused on the critical aspects of the plan and your business, to create a return on the investment you make in the program.
  • The overall program structure and elements remain consistent, while the specific plans and strategies, are tailored specifically to you and your company.
Note: Actual results vary by client. These are based on the average across clients, over the past ten years.
Results and Benefits
  • The chart below highlights the average results achieved in this program. 
  • From a business owner's perspective, here are some of the intangible benefits and results we have heard:
    • It forced me to get honest about what was and wasn't working.​
    • I now realize what it means to work "on" my business, rather than, "in" my business.
    • It allowed me to really talk about my business and the challenges I was facing, with someone who had no other agenda, but to help me.
    • I was able to admit to my coach, things that I didn't feel I could tell others, without being judged.
    • I realize now how all over the place I was, in trying to build my business and when I let somethings go, it made it a whole lot easier and definitely more profitable.
    • Once I admitted that I wasn't great at everything, I was able to find people to help me.
Program Notes
  • Siere only offers this program to a maximum of 16 business owners at any given time, without exception. If accepted into the program, you will placed on a first come, first serve waiting list, until the next available opening.
  • The first step in being considered requires a no-obligation meeting with one of our business development experts.

Next Available Opening - March 1, 2020