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The Business Multiplier Event

At Siere, we recognize that small business owners don't have the time to leave their businesses for weeks on end.


At the same time, you need the opportunity to:

  • expand your knowledge about business.

  • network with other business owners to uncover business opportunities.

  • get out of your business in order to gain a different perspective.

  • have a trusted source for information and advice.

To fill this need, twice a year, Siere hosts a two day event, exclusively for the owners of small businesses who want to take their business to a new level.

Application period is open for the next Business Multiplier Event:

Corner Stone Topics

Each Business Multiplier event to designed around a topic specifically related to building your business. Cathy and Jeff, along with a number of guest speakers provide the knowledge and expertise that make it easy for you to take immediate action, related to your business.

Business Multiplier events provide the opportunity to interact and network with other business owners. We provide real world examples, technical information, and tools around each one of the topics. Most importantly, we ensure that you have the next steps or a plan of action, which you can immediately apply when you get back to your business.

A few examples of our Business Multiplier events are:

  • Making your cash work for you, even when your bank account is empty

  • Finding the right employee even in all the wrong places

  • Understanding your value, beyond setting your price

Are Business Multiplier Events For You?

  • It is for Independent Business Owners, looking to build their network and who want to discuss and exchange ideas related to business.

  • It is for Independent Business Owners with proven revenue in the $200,000 to 3 million dollar range  looking to invest in their ability to increase their bottom line today and more importantly, the future.

  • Is for those who are feeling stuck at a level of business (probably for some time), are are looking to shortcut and breakthrough that barrier, using proven tools and techniques for doing so.

  • This is NOT for business owners of a new start up in their first 24 months of operation.

  • This is not for business partners experiencing business partnership challenges.

  • It is for business owners who recognize they have to get outside of their business, if they want to create a different result.

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Application period is open for the next Business Multiplier Event: