How To Increase Your Net Income, By Getting Away From Your Business!

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  • The Business Success Multiplier is for those Independent Business Owners, looking to build their network and who want to discuss and exchange ideas related to business.

  • The Business Success Multiplier is ONLY for those Independent Business Owners willing to:

  1. Play Full Out​

  2. Look at Things a Different Way

  3. Push Yourself

  4. Celebrate Results

If you can do these four things, this may be a perfect fit for you.​​

  • The Business Success Multiplier is ONLY for Independent Business Owners with proven revenue in the 1 to 3 million dollar range annually and who are looking to invest in their ability to increase their bottom line today and more importantly, the future.

  • The Business Success Multiplier is for those who are feeling stuck at a level of business (probably for some time), are are looking to shortcut and breakthrough that barrier, using proven tools and techniques for doing so.

  • This is NOT for business owners of a new start up in their first 24 months of operation, or or those with revenues below 1 million dollars annually.

  • This is not for business partners experiencing business partnership challenges.

  • The Business Success Multiplier is for individuals (although a partner could sign up for consideration at a different intake) who recognize they have to get outside of their environment, because what they are doing, is not yielding the results they desire.

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The Business Success Multiplier Will Dramatically Impact Your Business Results By Providing The Framework, System and Guidance To Get Clear On Where You are Taking Your Business and How To Get There...

Here Is What Other Business Owners Are Saying About

Jeff and Cathy


Dan Aberhart,

President and CEO

5 x Profit in 180 Days

When I started the program I knew we could do better. I couldn't have seen this possibity 6 months ago. You can't read the label from inside the bottle, and Cathy and Jeff proved that to me.

Zack McMillan, 


Sometimes It Is Better Not To Go It Alone

In 6 months my revneue has doubled. They little bit of extra money I spent getting the help, was well worth it.

Gail Freeman Campbell, 


Two Days Clarity Got Me There

In the first two days, I set a vision for 10 x capacity growth in my business. Not only did we make it, but I retied my husband from his job, so he could help us change our lives.

Why Do You Need The Business Success Multiplier? And Why Is Now The Greatest Time Ever To Join?

1.  100s of Businesses and Decades of Proven Results...

Over the last twenty years, Cathy and Jeff have immersed themselves in building businesses and getting world class results. They are highly sought out for their ability to turn around companies and are widely respected for their straight forward approach in helping their clients.

2.  Mindset Is A Thing In Business...

Uncertainty and overwhelm are enemies to any business. The tools and techniques Jeff and Cathy utilize will create the focus and the "what next" mentality you need to crush the barriers holding back your business. They drive business owners to sharpen, hone and build clarity as a foundation, knowing that results then come much faster and easier.

3.  Proximity To Business Owner Crushing Barriers...

It has been proven that you are a reflection of the people you choose to spend your time with. Business owners often struggle with the same challenges for too long. Whereas, top performers find out what works and use it to leverage their resources. They don't need to figure it out themselves...they find those who have and short cut their success by doing what they have done.

4.  Honesty In Where You Are Gets Results...

Technical ability does not guarantee success, and neither does telling yourself that success is just waiting for you around the corner, if you are doing the same thing you were doing yesterday. If you are frustrated with the effort and energy you put in everyday, and never quite get the results you hope for, then maybe it is time to get honest and admit you are going about it the hard way.

5.  Your Business Is A Reflection Of You...

Make it the best reflection of you!

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